Measuring Corporate Innovation Capacity: Experience and Implications from i2Metrix Implementation in Vietnam

19 May 2014 | The i2Metrix is a much longer story than the abtract of the paper below. i2M has been introducing to the corporate sector for about two years and startup community for one year.

So far, innovation capacities of 42 corporations in different provinces of Vietnam, various industries and scales were measured by the i2M. Early evaluations of five startups were also conducted. By evaluating, i2M investigates innovation capacity and competitive readiness of the businesses.

This paper discusses the issue of measuring corporate innovation capacity, and proposes a method for implementing such measurement program (i2Metrix). The actual survey on 19 Vietnamese leading businesses suggests that the i2Metrix design is working and can be further improved for future use. Responses by firms’ executives show not only their awareness of innovation but also interest in management tools and methods to make use of this crucially important but elusive concept and resource. Insights from the survey highlight a disciplined process of innovation, adoption, and diffusion.

Vuong, Q.H., Napier, N.K., Vu, K.H., Nguyen, M.C., & Tran, T.D. (2014). Measuring corporate innovation capacity: Experience and implications from i2Metrix implementation in VietnamASEAN Journal of Management and Innovation, 1(1), pp. 1-17.

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