Open-Source Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum by IPP

5 November 2015 | IPP has published its innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum material online. The curriculum material is extensive including lecture videos, slides, exercises and materials from the 9 week Training of Trainers (ToT) program as well as material from the 4 day IPP Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp training course.

During spring and summer 2015, the IPP has tested and developed a curriculum on innovation and entrepreneurship that focuses on the practical tools and methods for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in different organisations with a special focus on globally oriented startups.

The curriculum initiated in the IPP program is meant for public use and further development by organisations in Vietnam and abroad that want to conduct highly practical training programs. As such, the curriculum is an open-sourced product, all interested parties (Universities, NGOs, Corporations, etc) are welcome adopt and develop it further.

In 2016, the IPP will be focusing on working with Vietnamese universities and training organisations to scale up and further develop the concepts, tools and teaching methods used in the curriculum. One mechanism for this will be a Training of Trainers program specifically for university and training organisation staff. An open call for parties interested in collaboration will be organised later in 2015.

Please find our curriculum learning resource within this link

The full curriculum has been tested in the Training of Trainers program and the learning resource pages have been structures roughly according to the ToT program. The ToT public curriculum is available online as a single document. The curriculum material was also applied in the IPP Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp  as a 4 day course for startups.

All material presented within the curriculum is open-source under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike licence. Necessary citation back original material must be included whenever using the material. The ToT and Bootcamp curriculum material has been prepared by TriKro LCC unless mentioned otherwise.

Through this autumn, the curriculum will be expanded with special modules that are delivered as part of the IAP monthly training. The material from these trainings will be made public online. Different sharing guidelines may apply for the expanded curriculum material.


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