David Beatty: Lessons to Founders

3 June 2017 | David Beatty and Jo Ann Corkran of Golden Seeds are two American angel investors invited to Vietnam by Tigers@Mekong as early as in the autumn of 2015. In mentoring sessions, angel investing workshops, and pitching sessions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, the two have provided a lot of insightful information and helpful advices.

The following are lessons to startup founders learned from David. (Thank you, David.)

  1. Ultimate purpose of the presentation: This is a sale process. The purpose is to getting people interested in your story. Presenters have to think about what the audience needs. Good news is having the next meeting.
  2. What is your business? Who are you? What do you want from investors/audience? at the beginning
  3. Delivering a presentation is a trust building process. Needless to say how important trust is. So please remember: (i) manage your time, (ii) keep eye contact, (iii) be consistent with your words.
  4. Don’t forget why you (the founders) want to present your business
  5. Don’t hesitate to tell your amazing story.
  6. Don’t let the investors and audience fall into sleep!
  7. Don’t forget to tell audience about your excellent team members
  8. Product presentation is different investment presentation.
  9. Make your product, business concept and model simple for your future investors.
  10. When you have no source of statistics (for instance, market size) you can make reasonable assumption.
  11. Make sure why you want investment? And what you want from equity investors? Sales revenue is, perhaps, the best financing option.
  12. A boring business has little, even no, competition.
  13. The only thing that matters is what the market says.
  14. Should English language a problem?
  15. Fail fast, fail often, and fail cheaply.
  16. Study to know how to do what you don’t know. Be ready.
  17. Do homework!


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