What Mentors Benefit From Mentoring Relations?

30 June 2017 | Developing a community of mentors is not just an effort to provide entrepreneurs and startup founders with an impactful service. It is to plant a seed of the culture value of being faithful to do the good deeds. “Do one mitzvah leads to doing another mitzvah” – Mishnah, Pirkei Avot 4:2

Well, when and where there is the faith, it seems that it is not necessary to tell a genuine entrepreneurs what are benefits of being a mentors. Meanwhile, the following may be of help in recruiting mentors.

  1. Working closely with innovative and energized entrepreneurs refuels entrepreneurial spirit of the mentors
  2. Mentoring startup businesses provides the mentors with opportunity to enrich their knowledge about new technologies and business models at their very beginning.
  3. Dealing with business challenges together with the entrepreneurs helps mentors know exactly if the entrepreneurs fit to their corporate cultures of innovation.
  4. The mentors know who are the other mentors. Very often the mentors find like-minded business partners and friends in their mentors networks.
  5. The mentors have the chance to observe how innovative ideas grow then become a part of the next success stories.

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