Mike Ducker: Accelerating Startups and Entrepreneurship in Mekong Subregion: What’s Next?

12 July 2017 | Mike Ducker challenges ecosystem players with five hard things.

#1 Decade long commitment to your ecosystem
#2 Cannot move into the future by holding on to the past
#3 Policies that are good for People = Good for Startups
#4 Startups needs to feel the pressure of the markets and competition
#5 Not just about VC’s and Angels. Need dynamic financing sector


One comment

  1. Ecosystem builders may consider this flow of Events ==> Services ==> Programs

    There is always an entrepreneurship ecosystem. What is critical is “How entrepreneurial is the ecosystem?.

    A comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem consisting all components and players is just a beginning. Effective and efficient interactions of the players are more important. Such interaction needs to create an environment that (i) nurtures desire to create new value, (ii) encourages the acceptance of uncertainties, and (iii) enables capability of being aware of market opportunities and capturing the opportunities by innovation-based business solutions. It is noteworthy that the creation of such environment that keeps minimizing business transaction costs takes some time. Ecosystem needs to learn how to collaborate. A lesson from advanced ecosystems around the world is such learning process happens in decades. As same as the way of developing a startup business, development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem requires lean organization, quick-learning approach, and flexible response to market feedback.


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