Jeff Hoffman: Dream Big, Work Hard, and Create Value

18 July 2017 | Thanks Ryan Moral for this podcast. Dream big, work hard, create value ~ Jeff Hoffman

[15:16] Why entrepreneurship is not just about making money.
[19:20] How most people give up instead of growing up.
[21:10] The role dreams play in your entrepreneurial journey.
[27:38] Entrepreneurship was the tool that enabled Jeff to fulfill his dreams.
[34:11] The #1 problem with the efforts of most entrepreneurs.
[38:00] Why you should focus on excellence instead of money.
[41:58] How to build world-changing companies.
[50:00] Focusing on your gold medal niche and expanding from there.
[53:11] How to discover your best brand asset.
[55:22] Finding world class people to be on your team.
[58:59] Make sure everything you do aligns with your primary goals.
[1:05:04] How to understand what your customers are really thinking about.


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