Business Training Videos

26 September 2017 | A collection of business training video.

Strategy -Developing the right strategy for your business is critical to its success

Why strategy is important for your business [English]
What is strategy [English]
Why you do /How great leader inspire action? [English]
The Business Model Canvas – 9 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Model – Startup Tips
Develop 9 step business model [in Vietnamese]

Value Proposition Canvas Explained


Comicola and crowdfunding model – VTV1 [in Vietnamese]
CrowdFunding- VTV1 [in Vietnamese]
Fund raising from angel investor – FBNC TV [in Vietnamese]
Startups – How to raise fund successfully- VTV1 [in Vietnamese]
What is Crowdfunding? CrowdFunding planning? What, How, Why and when
Innovate UK’s essential tips on pitching for investment for start-ups and small businesses
Watch and Learn From This Startup’s Pitch to Venture Capital (VC) Tim Draper

Market research & Market place

Market Research for small business [in Vietnamese]
Market Research for Online Business Startup [in Vietnamese]
Distribution Channel Development: Case study of Unilever [in Vietnamese]
Market strategy
Branding for Online Business Startups [in Vietnamese]

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