Christopher Pappas: The 20 Best Learning Management Systems (2017 Update)

07 March 2018 | Christopher Pappas, the Founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network names 15 top cloud-based and 5 top open-source learning management systems.

15 Top Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

  1. Adobe Captivate Prime

One of the most effective cloud-based Learning Management Systems. Full control over the eLearning course’s setup, delivery and learner progress tracking along with functional features such as the Fluidic Player that take learning to the next level. Free 30-day trial available.

Fluidic Player And Intuitive Dashboard
This is Adobe’s almighty player that supports any file type including PDFs, videos, PPTs, DOCX, SCORM, AICC and xAPI-compliant packages. The Fluidic Player allows for on-the-go note taking as online learners are going through the materials. This feature enhances knowledge acquisition and aids in revision. A fully functional dashboard informs online learners regarding pending and completed tasks or their performance compared to their fellow colleagues.

Online, Offline And Mobile
Learning at all times. This phrase captures the true potential of Captivate Prime which gives online learners full flexibility as to their learning pace. Content can be downloaded and accessed offline and the Learning Management System will automatically sync and track progress during the next login.

Setup And Management
Captivate Prime is great for both online learners and online facilitators. Unique features such as the Smart Enroller enable eLearning professionals to quickly and effectively assign roles and activities. Content organization into modules, courses or even whole curricula is a breeze thanks to inbuilt LCMS functionality.

Plans And Pricing

Various Premium Options Available
Captivate Prime utilizes a per-registered user pricing model. The price is $4 a month for every registered learner with a minimum number of 10 users in order to get the license. For more pricing information check their website.

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  1. Docebo LMS

Highly acclaimed Learning Management System, endorsed by reputable companies such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Sharp. Docebo’s Learn, Coach and Share philosophy is fully reflected in its practical features. Free 14-day trial available along with the ability to schedule a demonstration.

Engaging Gamification And ILT Classroom Training Features
Docebo is an ardent supporter of the importance of gamification in learner engagement. Badges, awards and rankings are applied to increase involvement and course success.

Web Conferencing And Third Party Integration
Docebo can be utilized together with various video conferencing tools such as Adobe Connect, Big Blue Button, Blue Jeans and SkyMeeting to name some. Docebo’s API enables users to easily integrate third-party applications into the LMS without any additional hassle.

Certification Design And eCommerce
Docebo’s user-friendly interface allows course designers to effortlessly manage content for certification testing and retraining. The Docebo LMS Online Training Software can be utilized for selling courses online.

Plans And Pricing

Plans Per Active User
Pricing packages start from $370 per month or $3,700 per year for 1000 active users and extend up to 300 active users for $920 per month or $9,200 per year. For more increased needs there is the Enterprise package with additional features.

Check Docebo LMS’s customer reviews!

  1. Talent LMS

Talent LMS promises effective eLearning and the truth is it delivers. One of the easiest to use cloud-based Learning Management Systems in terms of course management features, learning delivery and white-labeling that’s also enterprise-friendly.

Mobile Accessibility, Analytics And Customization
Responsive design enables Talent LMS to be accessed from any mobile device including iPad, iPhone and Android eliminating all space barriers. It also provides easy-to-understand analytics reports that inform online facilitators about all aspects of their courses. eLearning course designers have great customization potential with Talent LMS including a custom domain, logo and theme.

Content Interoperability And Course Management
Talent LMS makes it easy to integrate already owned material into the LMS. Support for the latest industry standards, namely SCORM & Tin Can.

Blended Learning, Communication And Enterprise Readiness
Support for both ILT or blended learning. Abundance in communication and organization tools to include video conferencing, calendar, personal messages and discussion forums. Mass actions enable automated administrative functions. Course marketplace offers pre-made materials on numerous topics.

Plans And Pricing

Numerous Premium Options Available
Free version option limited to 5 users and 10 courses. Great choice in features per membership plan, as well as choice between monthly or annual pricing packages. Small package starts at $29 per month for support of up to 25 users and unlimited courses. For further pricing options check their website.

Check other eLearning Industry community members’ reviews about Talent LMS here.

  1. The Academy LMS

Growth Engineering, the learning provider of the year 2016 in the UK, has developed their platform with the intention to make it one of the most gamified and engaging social Learning Management Systems.

Intuitive Learner Dashboard
The Academy LMS’s responsive interface allows easy access from any device. It includes detailed to-do lists that inform learners on tasks and activities, as well as an open library containing all the required content organized in a neat way.

Gamification And Engagement
Growth Engineering’s Learning Management System utilizes game mechanics to increase engagement levels. Badges and leaderboards are some of the elements adopted that keep online learners coming back for more.

Assessments And Classroom Management
The LMS comes equipped with a great assessment toolkit, as well as features that allow a manager to intervene manually or schedule automatic interventions for any actions that need to be done. Classroom management features support both instructor-led training and blended learning along with mobile support and a calendar for task scheduling.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

Read what other members in the eLearning Industry community say about The Academy LMS.

  1. ExpertusONE

A Learning Management System with application in numerous industries such as Energy and Utilities, Retail, Software and Technology as well as Manufacturing.

Great Mobile Application Features
ExpertusONE Mobile offers offline sync for SCORM content and a great mobile-friendly interface. Voice-based search, location mapping, an integrated eCommerce tool, as well as great mobile analytics are some of the features that make the ExpertusONE mobile app so effective.

Reporting Tool
It’s called ExpertusONE insights and it gives you access to learner statistics such as individual learning progress and knowledge asset demand, as well as the ability to write reports on them.

Built-In Virtual Conferencing Tool
No need for third party web conferencing tools here. With ExpertusOne meetings you can host meetings or throw lessons right from the comfort of your LMS. Private and public chats during online lessons enable both individual or group assistance and eLearning content sharing.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

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  1. Administrate

Award-winning cloud-based Learning Management System with multi-lingual support features, SCORM compliance and full responsiveness for use on any mobile device.

Multi-Lingual Support
Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, French to cover the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Customization And Reporting
Administrate has great reporting tools that allow you to filter the type of data you wish to include. It also boasts great variety in themes and colors that allows you to customize the layout of your Learning Management System.

Plans And Pricing

2 Premium Options Available
The entry level pricing plan is called Basic and costs $50 for every administrator of the Learning Management System and $2 for every active online learner if billed annually. Annual billing for the plus plan amounts to $75 per month for every administrator and $2 per month for every active online learner. A customized enterprise plan is also available.

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  1. Dokeos

With great know-how in LMS implementation in industries such as Healthcare and Manufacturing, Dokeos constitutes one of the most professional Learning Management Systems in the market.

Dokeos Manager
10 language availability, portal customization, quiz scenarios, feedback and a great deal of social learning tools to include forum, wikis and surveys are some of the features Dokeos Manager offers. It also enables online facilitators to upload SCORM compliant courses they already have or share documents publicly or privately via Dropbox.

Dokeos Live
This is a great HD audio and video communication tool online facilitators can use to host online lessons. It does not require any downloads. You can also insert whole Powerpoint presentations to show your online learners as well as make annotations as you go. Some online learners could not be online for your online lesson? Not a problem. You can make recordings of your online lessons for all those absentees.

Dokeos Game
Extremely fun and learner engaging tool that transforms you into a video game designer. You can involve your learners by means of 3D branching scenarios and evaluate their soft skills. You can also export the games you designed into any other SCORM compliant Learning Management System.

Plans And Pricing

3 Premium Options Available
Dokeos Manager costs $100 per month for the smallest user category of 1-50 users. Dokeos Live starts at $90 for 1-10 users and Dokeos Game costs $200 per month for 1 author.

Read what Dokeos customers are saying.

  1. PROPEL Enterprise + Distribute

A full-fledged Learning Management System plus distribution software that takes care of both managing your learners as well as growing your prospective clientele.

What makes PROPEL stand out is its great distribution features that enable eLearning course professionals to extend their clientele and sell their courses through both B2B and B2C channels.

Business Support Services
PROPEL also offers business analytics and strategic planning tools as well as financial services and reporting features toward sales increase of your eLearning courses.

Plans And Pricing

Various Premium Options Available
Pricing packages start from $25,000 and vary according to plan purchased.

Check PROPEL Enterprise + Distribute reviews!

  1. LearnUpon

This is a highly effective cloud-based Learning Management System with numerous great qualities regarding integrations, security and scalability, as well as mobile learning features.

LearnUpon comes with functional integration features such as API, SSO and Webhook. LearnUpon can also be directly integrated with Salesforce so users will be able to use it from within the Salesforce dashboard.

Security And Scalability
HTTPS TLS data encryption ensures maximum security. LearnUpon upholds high scalability standards and services thousands of LMS users without any performance issues.

Mobile Learning
LearnUpon’s responsive design guarantees optimal performance regardless of device. The iOS application is already available offering detailed learner progress and completion data with data re-syncing when going from offline back to online mode.

Plans And Pricing

3 Premium Options Available
The Bronze pricing plan is offered at $249 per month billed annually and can support up to 100 users per month and 1 sub-portal. The Silver plan runs at $499 per month billed annually and supports up to 500 users and 5 sub-portals. The Gold plan is the most popular option. It can be purchased at $749 per month billed annually and includes 1000 user support and 10 sub-portals.

Check LearnUpon reviews and discover how other eLearning Industry community members have experienced the software.

  1. Fuse Universal

Fuse is a Learning Management System built upon a content management platform that contributes to an increase in online learner engagement as well as catering to all online learner styles due to its unique features.

Innovative Communication And Customization Features
The only Learning Management System that has its own chat with all the functions of a regular chat. What’s more, Fuse offers great customization potential for both the LMS and the community.

Analytics, Reports And eLearning Content Uploading
Fuse offers a wide range of data analytics features that can be tailored to the needs of each user. Reports can also be fully adapted to user preferences. Fuse boasts a world’s first in content uploading. eLearning ontent can be directly uploaded from either the web or mobile application or the desktop.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

  1. G-Cube LMS

Companies such as Suzuki, Toyota, and Sony trust G-Cube LMS with their online training needs due to its ease of use, high standards of customization and a great deal of additional features.

SCORM And Tin Can Compliance
G-Cube LMS is compliant with SCORM 1.2 & 2004 and Tin Can (xAPI) following the latest industry standards.

Social Tools
Discussion boards, Wiki, Blog, Announcement, and Survey capabilities along with the ability to connect G-Cube LMS with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter comprise the “social” potential this Learning Management System has.

Domain Management
If more than one clients are using the LMS, users can create sub-domains within the LMS and customize them.

Virtual Classroom Features
Promoting online collaboration to the fullest, G-Cube LMS offers features such as unified telephony, video conferencing, whiteboard, screen sharing, document sharing, surveys, and assessment and VoIP.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

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  1. GnosisConnect

InfoPro puts client satisfaction at the forefront of their efforts and this is evident in the testimonials section in the Enterprise section of their website. GnosisConnect is one of those Learning Management Systems that get the job done. Available in both cloud-based and SaaS version.

Content Support And Customization
GnosisConnect supports all the major file types including SCORM, Powerpoint, PDF and mp4. It also offers the potential for branding customization such as logo importing and personalized themes. Customizing an online training course to address the learners’ respective needs is also viable.

Email Support And Certification Assessments
The ongoing support feature might definitely come in handy, especially during the early days of implementation. GnosisConnect also enables the design of assessments for compliance testing.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
Pricing packages start from $299 and vary according to plan purchased.

Check the latest reviews about GnosisConnect!

  1. Agylia

Looking for a cloud-based Learning Management System with great mobile learning potential, social learning features and multi-portal learning solutions for various audiences? Agylia will probably be to your liking. Their well-known client companies, such as Deloitte and Microsoft can vouch for that.

Mobile Applications
iOs, Android and Windows device users, good news! As Agylia users you will be able to have a seamless experience whatever device you are on. Not being online doesn’t mean your learning experience is over. Agylia tracks offline activities and re-syncs to showcase your progress the next time you’re online. You will be able to access SCORM and Experience API courses even in offline mode. Push notifications will make sure you never miss an important event or deadline.

Agylia can service a great number of learners without any compromise in performance. The way they achieve that is by cloud content delivery network configurations that establish content delivery to learners is made by servers close to them. This guarantees optimal response times for online learners.

Extended Enterprise
Online training is sometimes not limited to internal audiences. With this Learning Management System you can deploy various independently branded sub-portals to get all your audiences up to speed on your latest training requirements.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
Agylia utilizes a sliding price model. The more the active LMS users are the more affordable the price plan is. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website. Free trial version also available.

Wondering how others are experiencing the software? Read Agylia reviews here.


MATRIX LMS is a cloud-hosted Learning Management System from CYPHER LEARNING, with a comprehensive set of features, an intuitive user interface. The LMS is available in 40+ languages and has a responsive design with mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS.

Essential features for businesses
MATRIX provides indispensable features for companies such as automation, gamification, e-commerce, compliance, learning paths, content authoring, a fully customizable visitor portal, and more.

MATRIX integrates with a wide variety of systems, including Google drive, OneDrive, Office 365, G Suite, Calendars (iCal), PayPal, Stripe,, PayU biz, PayU Latam, Zapier, GoToMeeting, Zoom, WebEx, and more.

Plans And Pricing

MATRIX plans range from $129/month (yearly billing) for 50 active students, to $11999/month for 20,000 active students. There is a wide variety of plans available suited for every budget. There is a discount for yearly billing. There are no setup fees, cancellation fees, storage fees, bandwidth fees, support fees, or other hidden costs.

Read what MATRIX LMS customers are saying.

  1. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS advertises ease of use as its strongest selling point and with good reason. Its nicely laid out interface makes complete sense from the very first look.

This Learning Management System can fulfill your organization’s training needs from its infancy days and on. Bandwidth, security, redundancy, system capacity, backups, and concurrent usage issues are all handled by Amazon Web Services to make sure your online training program runs smoothly as your company grows.

Tech Specs
Absorb LMS runs on HTML 5 thus eliminating the need for extra plugins or players, whatever the device. It supports all browsers and features RESTFul API and Single Sign-On (SSO) API enabling online learners to reduce the amount of logins required.

Mercury Module’s Billboard
That’s a superb feature that allows you to put together banners and push them to your online learners’ dashboard to advertise your online training courses or an upcoming event.

Plans And Pricing

Direct Contact Required
Absorb LMS makes use of a tiered usage-based pricing model. For specific information on premium subscription plans and pricing options contact them directly through their website.

Check here reviews about Absorb LMS by other eLearning Industry community members.

5 Top Open-Source Learning Management Systems

  1. Moodle

Moodle is widely known among open-source LMS solutions. It features detailed guides on how to set up your own Learning Management System, tips on how to create online training courses and teach with Moodle, as well as a large community of Moodle users who interact on various topics. Most importantly, it’s entirely free of any charge and comes with a mobile application as well.

Detailed Guidelines
Moodle features extensive tutorials on various aspects of Learning Management System use including installation, teacher and administrator quick guides, course setup and learner progress tracking, activity setup, as well as mobile application guidelines.

Moodle Community
This open-source Learning Management System comes with a forum that covers tips and best practices on a plethora of topics ranging from installation and upgrading all the way to teaching best practices and a comprehensive glossary of terms.

Download Section
Moodle’s download section offers a great deal of additional plugins for activities and themes.

Plans And Pricing

No Premium Options Available
Moodle does not require any subscription money.

Check the latest reviews about Moodle!

  1. Eliademy

Eliademy has a sophisticated interface and a lot of features that are usually found in cloud-based solutions. It also has a free version packed with great tools to get you going on the development of your eLearning course.

Course Editor And Online Multimedia
This open-source Learning Management System is highly automated and all you have to do is provide the online training materials. You can also upload ready-made materials you may already have along with Youtube videos, online training content from Slideshare or Prezi and content from 160 other sources as well.

Marketplace, Certificates
Eliademy has a whole section dedicated to already existing courses. Some of them are free, some others require an enrolment fee. You can also offer a certificate upon course completion in either an online copy or a printed copy. Your certificates can also be shared on Linkedin or various other social media.

Plans And Pricing

1 Premium Option Available
For $5 per month you can remove all ads, host unlimited webinars, customize your completion certificates and get 10% commission rate for course sales.

Check Eliademy ’s customer reviews!

  1. Forma.LMS

This free open-source Learning Management System focuses exclusively on online training as opposed to other Learning Management Systems that target academic training as well.

Classroom Management
Forma.LMS empowers online facilitators in controlling every aspect of a course including attendance, different locations for each online training meeting or scheduling with their online calendar feature.

Reports And Talent Management
You can create reports on online learner performance as well as course statistics and directly export them to Excel or send them to specific online learners. What’s more, you can also produce skills gap analysis to monitor and assess the skills of your online learners.

Plans And Pricing

No Premium Options Available
Forma.LMS does not require any subscription money.

Check what Forma LMS users are saying.

  1. ILIAS

This open-source Learning Management System was the first one to be SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant. It is generally praised for its versatility, customization options, scalability and responsive design that functions on any device.

Customization And Scalability
ILIAS is significantly customizable in terms of themes, elearning scenarios as well as the parameters you can specify for each user to modify. ILIAS also has great flexibility in the number of users it can support ranging from a few to a few thousand.

Industry Standard Compliance
SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, LOM metadata. IMS QTI Test &Assessment. XML, CSV and Excel exports. IMS LTI for external application embedding.

Pricing And Plans

No Premium Options Available
ILIAS does not require any subscription money

  1. Opigno

SCORM 2004 and Tin Can (xAPI) compliant open-source Learning Management System with great efficiency in terms of roles and course management, integration and collaboration tools as well as eCommerce features.

Collaboration And Integration Tools
Chat, learner workspaces, to-do lists, personal messaging system, file sharing, screen sharing and recording comprise some of the collaboration features of Opigno. As far as integration goes the list is equally long. SCORM 2004, Tin Can (xAPI), Apache Solr, LDAP (Active Directory) and CAS, H5P integration is offered by Opigno.

Course Management
Opigno is a great open-source Learning Management System when it comes to course management. You have features like public and private course catalogues, automatic certificate creation, as well as in-house meetings management.

Plans And Pricing

2 Premium Options Available
Opigno offers a private cloud version. The Business pricing plan starts at $35 per month for up to 10 users and 20 GBs of disk space. The Corporate plan starts at $140 per month for up to 50 users and offers 100 GBs of disk space. However, a free open-source version is also available.

Read Opigno reviews and discover how other eLearning Industry community members have experienced the software.

Christopher Pappas is the Founder of The eLearning Industry’s Network, which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning field. Christopher holds an MBA, and an MEd (Learning Design) from BGSU.


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