How To Do A Good Pitch

19 October 2018 | Below is an outline for training on pitching. Interaction and Q&A are also very much important.

  • why do you start this business? (what make you start will end your business)
  • why do you make this pitch? (for partner, for client – corporate and individual, for investor)
  • why should the audience be interested in your pitch (benefits and opportunities that you offer?)
  • why should the audience believe in you? (how you convince them that you will give them what you promise – trust building is a process)
  • why should the audience make the decision now? (it’s all about the right timing.)
What is a good pitch?
  • What do you want to get from the audience after the pitch? (return to #2 Why)
  • KISS: Keep It Short & Simple
  • Story (what people bring home and tell to many others)
  • Image (what people remember)
  • Fact and figure (traction)
How to get yourself ready?

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