The Seven Moral Values

22 January 2019 | Harari points out that differences of cultures matter so much. “Life scientists and in particular geneticists have produced very strong scientific evidence that the biological differences between Europeans, Africans, Chinese, and Native Americans are negligible. At the same time, however, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, behavioural economist, and even brain scientists have accumulated a wealth of data for the existence of significant differences between human cultures.”

The point has two implications. First, cultural setting defines the behaviors and the characters of the people who are living in the environment. Second, a cultural setting is defined by its core moral values which are rooted in families, then expand to communities, and then become common senses of society. Core moral values can be sponged through a disciplined process of mind-sponge.

The following are the seven moral values those should be in the core of any cultural setting.

* Faith (in G-d): Có Đức Tin. Tin vào Chúa-Trời. Tin vào thực hành kỷ luật đạo đức. Không được Vô Thần

* Integrity/Honesty: Chính trực, Trung thực

* Hard-working: Siêng cần

* Kindness: Tử tế và yêu thương

* Humbleness: Khiêm nhường

* Gratitude: Lòng biết ơn

* Righteousness: Làm điều đúng đắn


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