Seeds of Wisdom by Mendel Kalmenson

06 February 2019 | In Seeds of Wisdom, Mendel Kalmenson offers you insightful reading when you have three minutes of your mindfulness. The first minute is to ready the short story. Then the other two minutes are to think about the insight and advice.

To help someone is to put them on their feet, not on your shoulders.

We are co-authors of our destiny.

It is not enough to be good at it, the key to success is loving what what you do.

Birth is G-d’s way of saying, “You matter.” Birthdays are His reminder.

Charity is a nice thing to do, Tzedakah is the right thing to do.

He who loves his son disciplines him early.

Believe in a child and he will believe in himself.

What propelled you forward yesterday might hold you back today.

School is where characters develop, not just careers.

Some see a PhD as a way to advance in the world; others see a PhD as a way to advance the world.

If you were blessed with the gift of knowledge, you have the responsibility to share that knowledge with others.

Know where you come from. That will help to determine where you will go.

Like a husband and wife, love and faith go hand in hand.

Designate for yourself a teacher and acquire for yourself a friend.

Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson: “You cannot fix the world unless you begin with yourself first. Start with yourself, then your family, then your community, then your country and from there, the world: one step at a time.”

Actions speak louder than any words.

A true leader creates leaders, not followers.

Put deed before creed.

A successful business is measured by how much it brings in. A successful charity is measured by how much it gives out.

Improving the world around us comes before perfecting our own inner world.

Strive to reach the level where giving is the living.

If you stay focused, you can defy expectations.

No man is born great. Rise to the challenge.

The best way to honor those who have passed is to devote yourself to those who are present.

If you represent a community, don’t be humble on their behalf.

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