4-week MBA: Blitzscaling Business Model Canvas

4 August 2019 | Blitzscaling is moving faster than competitors in an uncertain world of business. (4-week MBA)

Four key growth factors
(1) Market Size: How large is the market you’re targeting when Blitzscaling? Is it really reachable?
(2) Distribution: Are there existing networks you can leverage on? What viral loops can you create to spread your product/service quickly and at scale?
(3) High Gross Margins: When you grow your revenues, do you generate larger amounts of cash available to finance growth? (Gross Profit Margin = (Gross Profit/Sales) &*100%
(4) Network Effects: Is each additional user joining in bringing a positive effect to the whole platform?

Two Growth Limiters
(1) Lack of product/market fit: Is the market satisfied with your product/service? If not what is that it’s missing?
(2) Operational Scalability: Are your operations sustainable at meeting the demand for your product/service? Are you revenues growing faster than your expenses?


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