Women Founders: What It’s Really Like At The Top

1 February 2020 | The panel discussion at ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards & Summit on women founders provides many insights.

  • Competition between men and women is like what between products and services
  • Benefits/advantages of women founders:
    • Women strength is ability to focus on details
    • Women clients become sisters, daughters, aunties.. and very much helpful
    • Women’ mother-mind is helpful in running impact business
    • Being a woman is an advantage already: there are many ecosystem opportunities just for women founders and entrepreneurs
  • What make women founders fear?
    • Technical things
    • People do not give women founders chance to talk/raise their voices
    • Overwhelming responsibility: women founders have to prove a lot and people tend to think women founders are superwomen
  • Challenges to women founders:
    • Hard to manage older male colleagues
    • Retain talents team members
    • See larger gap between generations
    • Tend to underestimate the roles of women

One comment

  1. Daniel Kahneman, nhà tâm lý nhận giải Nobel về kinh tế học hành vi, nhìn nhận việc cải thiện nhận thức của nam giới về vai trò của phụ nữ có ý nghĩa quan trọng trong bình đẳng giới.


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